Why choose Premier Cosmetic Solutions?

Permanent makeup is a big decision. Why? It’s permanent! And yes, there are quite a few places out there to get it. So, why choose a Premier Cosmetic Solutions artist?

Our artists work alongside physicians and surgeons. We provide the cleanest, and safest, high quality procedures available today. Like every cosmetic procedure, there are good and bad, expensive and cheap variations available. Don’t trust your face to just anyone. Many of our clients are the doctors and nurses themselves. Go where the professionals go.

Premier Cosmetic Solutions offers:

Eyeliners: Soft and smoky or defined Designer Liners, lash line enhancements or winged wedges, with hundreds of color combinations to choose from.

Brows: From shadow brows to the more natural Hair Stroke Brows that are drawn in hair by hair. These can be done with multiple colors, or given a highlighted effect to match your hair.  The Hair Stroke Brows are used to create a believable brow, where there wasn’t one before.

Lips: You can choose a translucent color to resemble a soft natural lip, or a more concentrated color to resemble a lip stain or lipstick. Both can be used to enlarge the lips, to create a fuller, more youthful look without or in conjunction with fillers, as “the ultimate lip enlargement”.

Natural Scar Revision: Acne or surgical scars can be softened and flattened, or indentions in the skin plumped naturally with dry needling. Scar tissue is broken down by placing thousands of tiny holes in the scar until flat. This resembles a new scrape to your body and sends signals to heal the area again. This gives your body another chance to send new collagen and heal the area properly. Multiple treatments may be needed, depending on the severity of the scar, and how well your skin heals itself. This procedure can be done as many times as you want to achieve your desired result.

Natural Line Correction: For those wary of Botox and fillers! Dry needling in lines and wrinkles to plump the area with new collagen is a natural solution. As with the scar revision, tiny micro holes are applied to induce new collagen growth and plump the area to smooth out lines and wrinkles. This can be applied as many times as needed to create the desired results. Follow up procedures may be needed every 6 to 12 months to maintain appearance.

Permanent Makeup Corrections and Removals: Old, faded, misshapen permanent makeup or tattoos, may be removed, color corrected or upgraded without painful and costly laser treatments.

Comfortable Procedures: We use a double numbing process with medical grade topical numbing creams. We do not use injections.

Colors: We offer over a hundred different colors and thousands of color combinations, all iron oxide and metal free. Our concentrated, natural colors are MRI safe.

Fully Disposable System: Our digital rotary machines are quiet and precise. All machine parts are pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide gas. All machine parts and pigment cups are discarded after every procedure. Machines and all surfaces are cleaned with a disinfectant that kills bacteria, Tuberculosis, viruses, funguses, and herpes viruses, including HIV-1, H1N1, and MRSA, in under a minute. You are assured a safe, and sterile, environment every time.

Fully Licensed Artists: Our artists are fully certified and licensed, as well as insured.

Advanced Training:  Hair simulation, designer eyeliners, lip enlargements, corrective work, scar revision, dry and roller needling, and how to use these skills to make any face look five to ten years younger are our specialties.

We’re always here to offer free consultations in comfortable settings. Our many locations across the state allow easy access from multiple areas. We are always striving to offer our clients the most cutting edge experience in permanent makeup.

But don’t take our word for it. Call us today for a free consultation and see the Premier difference.

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