Before & After Care

Before Procedures

  • We strongly recommend that you abstain from caffeine for up to four hours before your procedure.
  • If you’d like to bring in any of your favorite lipstick colors, eyeliner colors, and blush colors we will go over them with you during your consultation.
  • You may want to have frozen peas handy at home to reduce swelling if needed.
  • Extra A and D ointment can be purchased at any local drug store.
  • If you are prone to allergies, please purchase vitamin E oil.
  • You may also bring in a favorite photo or cut out of your favorite brow shape, or eyeliner. This is optional, we will draw them in from scratch, but the picture may be helpful.
  • Arriving for your appointment without makeup will give us a better idea of your natural tone and color. If this is not possible, or you do not feel comfortable, you can remove your makeup prior to the procedure. You may want to bring along your favorite make-up remover.
  • If you are prone to cold sores procedures could cause breakouts. We advise you to be on a prescription of Zovirax. Please request this prescription from your physician to take for five days prior to your application to minimize breakouts. It is advised you take Zovirax for at least 7 days after your procedure for maximum effect.
  • If you take fish oil supplements please refrain from taking these for at least three days prior to the procedure as it may cause bruising.
  • If you take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as Celebrex or Ibuprofen, please refrain from taking these the day of the procedure. They can cause bleeding at the procedure site.
  • Things to avoid after application: Sun, Steam, Chlorine, Makeup, and Cleansers for five days after procedure. Also, avoid scratching, scrubbing, tweezing, or picking at application until fully healed.
  • Procedures will look dark for four days, before lightening. Procedures, especially lips and lower eyeliner can take up to 8 weeks for full color to show. 14. Do not judge color or shape until you are fully healed (8 weeks). Your second application is when we assess how well your skin takes to permanent makeup. Any shape and color adjustments will be made during this visit.
  • Please do not drink alcohol prior to your procedure. If you feel you must, please limit yourself to one glass of wine.

After — Permanent Makeup

After the procedure, you may experience one, or more, of the following, if any: puffy eyes, swelling, and/or light bruising.

The following steps are required in order to assure the best results from the procedure:

  • Apply Color Sealant to new procedure five (5) times daily for five (5) days.
  • Color Sealant must be kept on in order to prevent drying, scabbing, and falling off.
  • This will result in the loss of color. If scabs form, it is no longer necessary to apply Color Sealant as the procedure is damaged and cannot be reversed.
  • To cleanse the area, splash with warm water only! Do not rub or scrub with any item, or any cleansers on or around the procedure. This could result in color loss.
  • We recommend that you do not use makeup on or around the new procedure area until it heals completely. However, if you must, use new product, as it should not contain any bacteria.
  • Do not scratch, tweeze, or wax on or around the affected area, as this will cause you to lose color.
  • Do not swim, soak in a hot tub, or take extensive baths for ten (10) days. Water will not affect the procedure, however, steam will!
  • If the sealant causes continuous burning, redness, swelling or hives, stop using the product immediately and apply Vitamin E oil instead. Because of some cases of allergic reaction you may decide to substitute for vitamin E oil immediately, it is not as good as the Color Sealant but is an adequate substitute.
  • The eye area is usually the area most likely to swell. To reduce swelling, place in ice pack* on the affected area. The longer the ice remains (to a maximum of 20 minutes), the better. Even if the area is not immediately swollen, it has been traumatized. This will help to reduce future swelling.

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