From blank canvases to mismatched sisters, we offer four different eyebrows to suit everyone’s brow needs.

For those missing their brows entirely, we suggest the hairstroke or the microbladed brow. Both mimic actual hair in a shape designed by you, your artist, and your existing facial structure.

If you are desiring definition or depth to your already full brows, the powder or the ombre brow. Each brow offers a soft, filled-in appearance without extra hairs or harsh colors. The ombre brow gives an additional graduation of color.

Microbladed Brows

Very similar in appearance to machine hairstroke brows, microbladed brows are applied using the hand tool method. This method uses a tap tool to scratch color in ultra-fine lines into the top layer of the skin, creating the look of fine hairs. This method is very natural looking immediately after application. This technique is considered semi-permanent.

Though the oldest form of permanent makeup, microblading has made a come back in past few years with updated tools, methods, and specialized inks.

Hairstroke Brows

Eyebrows are placed hair by hair with a digital machine to create the perfect shape. This technique is perfect for brows that are in the wrong place, missing patches of hair, or missing entirely. Multiple colors may be used to give the illusion of highlights or to blend with the existing multi-colored brow. The new hairs can be applied very fine or more defined to achieve your desired look.

Hairstroke brows are very natural in appearance. They are the brow you’ve always wanted, but could never grow!

Powder/Shadow Brows

The powder, or shadow, brow is for those who have a full brow, but lack definition. A soft layer of color is placed in the skin under your existing brow to create depth and help perfect the shape. This brow mimics the appearance eyebrow pencils or makeup powder creates, hence the name.

Soft and natural, the powder brow is a great enhancement to anyone’s brows.

Ombre Brow

The ombre brow is hot! Graduating from light to dark, this variation of the powder brow can give you the defined arches you’re looking for without harsh edges.

This procedure is perfect for the definition of existing brows or for the client looking for a fuller brow without appearing harsh. Full customization of shape, color, and size allows us to create the perfect brow for you.