Turn back the hands of time with Permanent Makeup

Turn back the hands of time with Permanent Makeup

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. While everyone over time has searched, no one has been able to find the magic water to make you appear younger. What we have found, however, is something almost as good☺

Think about what makes faces appear older. A young face has full eyebrows, bigger eyes, thicker lashes, and full pink lips. As we age brow hair and eyelashes begin to thin and lighten. The brow hair turns grey. Eyes appear to sink or shrink, and lips begin to thin and loose color.

So what can we do? Facial feature replacement or enhancement may be your fountain of youth.

Here are a few treatments that can enhance or replace your facial features: 

  • Permanent Brows or Microblading: these procedures bring shape, color and dimension back to the brows by creating a soft powdered look under existing hair or replace missing or patchy brows with hair simulation. This can be done in a very natural or dramatic look depending on your taste.
  • Permanent Eyeliner: Pigment is placed in the skin between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, more youthful lashes. The eyeliner is then built up from the lash line to meet your desired thickness, and shape.
  • Permanent lip color: Renew your youthful glow with a color that closely resembles your natural lip color. This adds a more defined look and can even be used to add more fullness to your pout. 

Why choose a Premier Artist?

We offer customized, Micropigmentation as well as Microblading:

Permanent makeup is a big decision. It’s important to choose an artist at has many hours of experience and training, as well as an artistic eye for color and placement. We don’t believe that one style “big black square brows” look good on everyone. We customize every application to your individual style, face shape, coloring, and taste. We also go the extra mile to draw everything on during the complimentary consultation, and go over photographs of our work to get a clear picture of what you want your procedure to look like. During the procedure we will go over colors choices with you, and layer on topical medical grade numbing creams for a comfortable application. We do not use injections. Again, we don’t believe in a one size fits all mentality. We offer 4 types of brows that can be combined to make many custom looks. Everything from soft subtle blonde powder look brows, and multiple hair stroke brows, to Full lip enlargements or reshaping can be achieved.

***Did you know that due of the recent law changes in the industry, that many microblader’s have only taken a two day class? Or even worse, a four hour class online!  Also, the average permanent makeup artist, takes a 1 week class at best, only learning the basics. This is why there are so many new Microbladers, and Permanent Makeup Artists flooding the scene lately.

This is not like buying a designer dress at marshals! This is your face, and Permanent makeup is not without it’s complications for even the most skilled artist. Everyone’s skin takes differently, depending on your skin type, tone and texture, as well as many other factors, like how many chemicals you use on your face, or how much sun exposure you get. Do you wan to trust your face to just anyone off the street with minimal training?Or do you want to go  to an artist who has the training and experience to recognize these hurdles up front, and the skills to make adjustments that may be needed after healing?

Why we are different:

Our Premier artists undergo many weeks of training, just in the basics, then shadow under a  master artist for two years, while taking additional advanced and paramedical classes. 

Specializing in  Natural and Dramatic looks. We utilize over a hundred different colors, with thousands of color combinations. All mineral based and metal free. Our translucent or concentrated natural colors are MRI safe. We even offer highly concentrated pigments for skins that don’t take color very well, or for those wanting more of a makeup look. ie. Red lipstick, dramatic winged eyeliner, or Ombre Brows.

Fully Disposable System: Our digital rotary machines are quiet and precise. All machine, and Microblading parts are pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide gas. All machine parts and pigment cups are discarded after every procedure. Machines and all surfaces are cleaned with a disinfectant that kills bacteria, Tuberculosis, viruses, funguses, and herpes viruses, including HIV-1, H1N1, and MRSA, in under a minute. You are assured a safe, and sterile, environment every time.

Fully certified, licensed, and insured

Advanced Procedures: Customized looks, Multiple color Hair simulation, designer eyeliners, lip enlargements, corrective work, scar revision, SMP, Blethoplasty scar camouflage, called a “lid wash,” dry needling, to reduce wrinkles naturally, or revise scars on a deeper level. Utilizing these skills to make any face look five to ten years younger, is our specialty.

Free consultations

We offer our services in clean and comfortable settings. Our many locations across the state allow easy access from multiple areas. We are always striving to offer our clients the most cutting edge experience in permanent makeup.

Our artists work alongside physicians and surgeons. We provide the cleanest, and safest, high quality procedures available today. Like every cosmetic procedure, there are good and bad, expensive and cheap variations available. Don’t trust your face to just anyone. Many of our clients are the doctors and nurses themselves.

Go where the professionals go!