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Brow Corrections Process

Premier Cosmetics can greatly improve and correct permanent makeup anywhere on the face or body. One of the most common is from Permanent Makeup colors changing into green, blue, orange. We can camouflage this with custom blended flesh colors if it’s in the wrong place or we correct the color by applying a natural color over the permanent makeup.

Another common problem that we see a lot of is the permanent makeup design is wrong. This happens due to poor training of permanent makeup artist, usually due to their training only being a few days as well as lack of experience. 

We are sincerely delighted to do this work, as the psychological and emotional benefits of correcting and concealing embarrassing Permanent Makeup will positively transform your confidence and outlook on life.

Eyebrow Correction

Before the patient suffered from old misplaced and off color permanent shadow brows. Her look was upgraded with a more realistic application. Brows were reshaped with two color Hairstrokes, to match her salt and pepper hair.


Eyebrow Correction

Here the old brows were faded and lost color. We reshaped and gave them their natural color back. 

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