Ever desire perfect liner, but can’t get the line straight? Natural or dramatic, make your¬†eyes stand out with permanent eyeliner.


Natural eyeliner is applied both in the lashes and right above them for a soft enhancement to the eyes, while dramatic eyeliner is layered thicker. Wings and wedges may be added to your dramatic look. All eyeliners are¬†customized to each client’s eye shape and desires.

Premier eyeliners are performed with the eyes completely closed.

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Natural Eyeliner

Instantly make your eyes pop and lashes appear thicker with a lash enhancement or natural eyeliner. It is applied very carefully, with your eyes closed and numb.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Take away the hassle of drawing wings and wedges with our dramatic eyeliner. We carefully draw the desired shape for you. Each wedge and wing is measured to ensure they appear similar on both eyes. We have hundreds of colors available, but the most popular is, of course, a beautiful black eyeliner.