Men’s Procedures

Get that competitive edge

Procedures for men:

Everything is becoming more competitive, and men too are striving to look their best. Men especially need natural looking results that won’t slow them down.  These procedures have minimal discomfort and downtime while delivering natural looking waterproof procedures that don’t look like makeup.

Facial feature enhancement-

Enhance existing brow shape or replace missing brows, lashes, or lip shape with our micropigmentation feature replacement.  It’s you, only better! We specialize in natural male facial enhancements that do not look like makeup. See Brow replacement below:

Scalp Micropigmentation-

Relieve the frustrating effects of hair loss with Scalp Micropigmentation. Fight a receding hair line! Simulated hair strokes fill in and replace missing or uneven follicles. Blanket Scalp micropigmentation fills in the thinning areas with tiny flecks of color. This minimizes the appearance of balding or thinning spots in the bulk of the hair on the crown and gives the look of naturally denser hair all over while offering the dual benefit of stimulating natural hair growth.

scalp pigmentation tampa

Hair Growth Stimulation-

Stimulate natural hair growth on the scalp, brow or beard using the newest modern techniques.

hair growth tampa

Scar Revision and Camo-

Our scar revision and camo procedures are your one stop shop to a smoother more pleasing physique. We utilized , Micro needling, dry stem cell needling, and good old fashion skin colored pigments to break down and flatten keloided scars and mask the past.  Not to worry, we can also camouflage dark spots and hyperpigmentation.