Put color back in your perfect pout! No lipstick smudges with our lip colors!

We offer two different types of permanent lips: full lip color and lip enlargements. Both procedures can be accomplished in under an hour and are surprisingly comfortable. We utilize a dual process topical numbing technique to provide the most pain-free procedure possible.

Choose from our translucent pigment line for an extremely natural effect or opt for a pigment from our opaque color line, for a more noticeable pop. With over a hundred pigments across two color lines to choose from, there is a color for everyone. Not sure which color to choose? Let our experienced artists suggest a color for you!

If your lips lack color and defined edges, we suggest the full lip color, where we add color to your natural lip shape. For those wanting a fuller pout without fillers, or if your shape needs adjusting, we recommend the lip enlargement.

Full Lip Color

Lip Enlargement