Medical Testimonials

Medical Testimonials

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"As a board certified dermatologist and one of her clients, I give Tammy my highest recommendation!! Her vision and artistry is unsurpassed. She is a true professional and I trust her with all of my patients!"
Diane Calderone MD
Dermatologist, Florida Medical Clinic
"I am so glad I did my permanent makeup, it made such a difference I had no idea that they could look so good! I didn't feel anything, and when I started to feel a pitch she stopped and numbed the area again. I love how I don't have to mess with pencil or worry about getting them even every day. It is such a time saver and looks so natural. No one can even tell I had them done."
Jenny Nunn
Medical Assistant at Metabolix Wellness
"Tammy is excellent and a true master at her craft. She has produced amazing natural-looking permanent makeup in all the patients that I Have referred to her, including myself! Tammy produces beautiful results at an expert level, and is very personable."
Anita Saluja MD
Physician, Dermatology at Health First
"Ashley has years of experience perfecting eyebrows, eyeliner, natural-looking lip pigments and even camoflauging balding spots on the scalp with realistic-looking hair strokes. After seeing the results of many of you ladies who come in to LivingYoung Center in Palm Harbor, I had to get it done myself. I spent the first 20 minutes with Ashley, discussing what I want and her drawing them on and shaping them with pencil to make sure that is what I would want on my brows for the next 1-3 years. She numbed my skin to make it comfortable and then worked magic. I have to say, I am IMPRESSED. It was virtually painless and now I don't have to worry about getting my brows on every morning. They look so realistic, too!"
Carissa Alinat ARNP
Living Young Center
"After 20 years of working in plastic surgery and working with many permanent makeup artists, I have to say Tammy is a true artist that creates natural results that last. She takes pride in keeping up with trends and always offers her best to all patients. Patients say: "She totally knows how to match the right color", " She has changed the way they see themselves for the better", "They finally found a person who can fix them", "Tammy made them feel comfortable while having the procedure done". It looks so natural, I am confident referring my patients to Tammy she always does a beautiful job."
Denise Merdich MSN, ARNP
National Injectable Trainer
"Tammy provides services in My Dermatology office, so I have seen many of her clients. She is extraordinarily talented AND MAKES EVERYONE LOOK NATURAL. My eyeliner is fabulous…. the best decision I ever made!Tammy offers great results at an expert level, with high integrity."
Amy Ross MD
President, Palm Harbor Dermatology
"I absolutely love my permanent makeup it was the best thing that I have ever done. It saves me so much time in the morning, makes me look younger and it doesn't look like I'm trying to pencil in brows anymore. I don't have any creases or smearing where my eyeliner is supposed to be anymore, just beautiful smoky liner that always looks perfect! I've had so many compliments, especially on the eyebrows. I highly recommend her services."
Kathy Stocks RN
Director Metabolix Wellness

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