Permanent Make-up

dreaming - permant makeup tampaNatural Enhanced Beauty with Permanent Makeup


Imagine… Beautiful brows that actually look like real hair, thicker looking lashes and a fuller, more youthful pout.


Well, now you can have this and more with Premier’s unique and advanced permanent makeup techniques!

Why our Permanent procedures are different:

Permanent procedures
Our permanent makeup procedures utilize natural, metal-free pigments, micro-prong needles, and an effective numbing processes to provide you with a comfortable application and beautifully natural makeup.


Our artists have undergone extensive training in advanced techniques such as: natural looking lip enlargements; feathering (hairstroke brows); soft, smoky, or defined designer eyeliners; scar revision; and areola pigmentation.


We utilize a fully disposable system, metal- and iron oxide-free natural inks, and the highest grade of topical numbing creams, which are layered on to achieve the most comfortable application available.


Colors stay truer and last longer. Our translucent (Semi-Permanent) colors last one to three years on average, while our opaque (Permanent) colors deliver an average of five to nine years of happiness!

Semi-Permanent Makeup

What if I change my mind down the road?


No problem! We only call it permanent because it doesn’t wash off. We can lighten, darken, thicken, thin, change the color, or (in most cases) remove the makeup completely!


These advanced techniques allow our artists to tweak your makeup no matter how your tastes or personal style changes.


Both Permanent and Semi-Permanent procedures can be changed. So what are you waiting for?

There is Hope!

Do you have old permanent makeup that turned pink or purple? Does the area burn in an MRI? We also specialize in corrective work, so have hope. It can be fixed! These effects are caused by the Iron Oxide in most inks. Our colors are metal free!


The brow on the left was her original brow. It turned a grayish purple. The right brow shows the same client after a corrective procedure from a Premier artist. The brow looks immediately softer and more natural.

Free Consultations

free consultationEnjoy a free consultation with one of our talented and highly trained technicians. We will work with you to create your perfect brow, eyeliner, or lip shape in cosmetic pencil prior to actually applying the makeup.


Afterwards, we mark the area to make sure the makeup is applied exactly as you wanted it.


Not sure about what color? No worries, we have over two hundred to choose from and we will work with you to decide which one will best suit your skin tone and personal wants.

Hardly any down time!

Worried about down time? The initial application only takes approximately 1 hour per procedure area. Multiple procedures done in the same sitting take less time and receive a multiple procedure discount too.


In most cases, the makeup will appear darker for four to five days, but this will not keep you from performing your everyday activities. Many of our clients leave our office and run errands, go to work, or perform light exercise. Most of their spouses don’t even notice!


It is our mission to offer you the most advanced, natural looking, and comfortable procedures available today!

Download Permanent Cosmetics Before Care

Download Permanent Cosmetics After Care