Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation


Creates the look of a natural hairline on partly bald or fully bald heads.

Camouflages the symptoms of all levels of Alopecia.

Hides scars, burns, and birthmarks.

Hides a thinning crown & the balding process.

Helps regain confidence.

Gives a more youthful appearance.

Makes hair look thicker.

Why Choose Us:

Fully disposable system for every application every time! This means new disposable needles, machine parts, pigment, pigment cups etc.

Strongest compounded numbing creams available.

MRI safe, metal free, mineral based inks that won’t turn funny colors and look more natural.

Licensed tattoo artists, with advanced specialty training in Permanent Cosmetics.

Over 22 years combined experience

The Process

What We Do:

First appointment: Consultation: I will carefully pick the right pigment for your scalp to assure the right match. Secondly, a carefully designed  hairline measured and drawn in.

Pre procedure: Wash your hair with wax free shampoo, and do not use conditioner or styling products of any kind. Do not scrub or scratch the scalp before the procedure, or during washing your hair. Allow your hair to air dry. Do not take aspirin, fish-oil, or drink cofee the day of the procedure. 

Application: First, A carefully designed hairline is measured and drawn in, and approved by you. Secondly, topical numbing cream is applied to the areas to be treated. This is a very effective topical that is compounded and used mainly for laser treatments. If needed, a second topical is applied during the process. This layering of topicals provides a comfortable application.

After the treatment: You may experience light redness, scabbing and exfoliation in the treatment areas for up to 7 days. Keep scalp moist with a topical that will be supplied at your appointment.

Follow up appointment is scheduled 2-4 weeks after initial application. This appointment takes approximately 2-4 hours. This is where we will perfect the density, shade and color.

Avoid:  Avoid activities which cause a lot of sweating, and avoid washing the scalp for 3 days. Avoid sun, steam, Chlorine, salt water, and makeup, on the treated areas for 2 weeks. Even after the healing process Sun exposure, salt water and pool water will eventually fade the pigments. I would strongly recommend wearing a hat for sun exposure over 20 minutes.  Broad spectrum SPF 30% or higher is advised on a daily basis on treated areas to help preserve your color.

Color boosts appointments are usually necessary between 1 -1.5 years.

Color boost charges vary depending on the area needing to be treated, based on a $200 hourly rate.

Application usually runs between 3-5 hours, depending on your hair density, and level of hair loss.  To determine the length and cost of treatment in your case, see the chart below.

Before & After

Hair Chart

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