Our services are offered at all locations by our highly skilled artists.

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Natural Lash Enhancement: $650.00, 1.5 hours

A thin eyeliner placed in the lashes, lash enhancements draw attention to the eye and make eyelashes appear thicker. Our artists can then layer new eyeliner above the lashes if desired.


Dramatic Eyeliner: $750.00, 1.5 to 2 hours

From wild wings and wedges to thick Cleopatra liner, dramatic eyeliner is typically thicker than the edge of dime. Multiple procedures are usually needed for the desired thickness.

Hairstroke Brows: $650.00, 1.5 hours

The more natural approach, hairstroke brows–also called feather brows–are drawn hair by hair by our talented artists. The brow shape is tailored and approved by you before the application.


Shadow Brows: $550.00, 1.5 hours

Shadow brows simulate penciled in brows and are filled in completely. They are perfect for those who have lots of eyebrow hair, but desire a shape.

Full Lip Color: $650.00, 1.5 hours

A beautiful new lip shade is selected and applied to the entire lip area, top and bottom. From bright reds to baby pinks, we offer a vast selection of colors to chose from.

Full lip color is a natural look and usually does not have the “lipstick” appearance.


Lip Enlargement: $750.00, 1.5 to 2 hours

If your lips are too small or if the edges have become undefined, a lip enlargement is the natural alternative to fillers. By going outside the edge of your lips, our artists can carefully craft a fuller appearing pout.