Choosing Your Permanent Makeup Color

Permanent makeup colors are as personal as regular makeup choices. Our skilled artists will work with you to find the perfect color for you.

Permanent makeup is art, and, like art, you certainly want to select your color scheme with care. You have many, many choices regarding color with a Premier artist. Not only do we carry over sixty colors, but our artists are skilled color mixologists. If there is a color you have in mind, and we don’t have it, we can make it.

Eyebrow color is usually a choice between your natural hair color and the color you dye it, if you do. We carry most natural hair colors in both our permanent makeup pigments and microblading creams. Even the brightest of redheads and lightest of blondes will find a color in our repertoire.

If you are upgrading from a shadow brow or coming in to camouflage an old brow, we can mix together a near perfect match to your skin tone. It doesn’t matter if you have grey undertones, or you’re a mixture of golden greens, we can create a unique skin color pigment for you.

Thick green eyeliner with a prominent wing. We have hundreds of different eyeliner possibilities.

Eyeliner colors are a more personal choice. We have everything from a charcoal black to a bright purple. Whatever color you normally reach for in your makeup bag is a good place to start. But don’t think you have to pick a conventional color. We’ve had clients come in with a simple black eyeliner in mind, only to decide on a beautiful blue purple. It’s not common, but it does happen. However, a black-brown eyeliner happens to be the most chosen color, and It looks amazing on most skin tones.

Lip colors range from pale pinks to bold reds. Let us know your preferences and we will work with you to find the perfect color.

Lip colors come in many varieties of pinks, reds, and corals. We have translucent tones or opaque ones with far more pigment. Again, its all up to personal choice and the best place to start is what’s in your makeup bag. Even if your natural lip color is dark, or brown, we can find a shade to add pop to your lips. If you’re still unsure, ask for a color closely resembling your natural lip, only one to two shades darker for a natural look.

Keep in mind that whatever colors you chose we will have to tailor them a bit to your skin tone. Permanent makeup pigments are placed underneath the skin, not on top. That means any color you pick will be affected by your natural skin tone. So, don’t be alarmed if we must add a corrective shade to your chosen color. This is done to make sure that the color ends up looking the way you want after your skin has healed on top of it..

So, no matter your preference, no matter your skin tone, a Premier artist can help you pick the perfect colors for you.