Turn back the hands of time with Permanent Makeup

Turn back the hands of time with Permanent Makeup

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. While everyone over time has searched, no one has been able to find the magic water to make you appear younger. What we have found, however, is something almost as good☺

Think about what makes faces appear older. A young face has full eyebrows, bigger eyes, thicker lashes, and full pink lips. As we age brow hair and eyelashes begin to thin and lighten. The brow hair turns grey. Eyes appear to sink or shrink, and lips begin to thin and loose color.

So what can we do? Facial feature replacement or enhancement may be your fountain of youth.

Here are a few treatments that can enhance or replace your facial features: 

  • Permanent Brows or Microblading: these procedures bring shape, color and dimension back to the brows by creating a soft powdered look under existing hair or replace missing or patchy brows with hair simulation. This can be done in a very natural or dramatic look depending on your taste.
  • Permanent Eyeliner: Pigment is placed in the skin between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, more youthful lashes. The eyeliner is then built up from the lash line to meet your desired thickness, and shape.
  • Permanent lip color: Renew your youthful glow with a color that closely resembles your natural lip color. This adds a more defined look and can even be used to add more fullness to your pout. 

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