Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can you do a color on my eyebrows to look natural with my silver hair?
A. Yes. of course. Grays, charcoals, and even white highlights can be used to balance and create a natural looking grey or silver brow.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. We use professional grade compounded numbing creams that are layered on to create the most comfortable application possible.. While everyone’s tolerance is different , most patients say it’s very tolerable, like a light prickly vibration, scratchy feeling, or an intense tickle.

Q. Can I get a natural looking blonde brow?
A. Yes you can. We have many blonde shades to choose from. You can even get a highlighted blonde brow that adds dimension with still keeping a soft blonde look.

Q. How will it look immediately after my procedure? Can I go out in public?
A. On the majority of skin types, the procedure will just look dark immediately after. You will be able to continue their daily routines. Swelling does not usually occur until you go to sleep that night.
Extremely sensitive skins, and some patients with very light eyes will show redness and swelling under and around the procedure site immediately after. Ice and Benadryl help tremendously!

Q. Are you going to take off all my existing brow hair?
A. No, we decide together what your new brow shape will be, then we only take off what’s outside of that. Everything inside the new brow area is kept for the most natural look

Q. What if I don’t like the shape or color after it heals?
A. All our inks are mutable. They can be lightened, darkened, moved, changed, thinned, or thickened up. Since we can put the same color on 10 people and everyone will come back different; we use our experience to choose a color mostly resembling your desired color depending on your skin type, texture, and color. The complimentary follow up is when we get to see what your skin does with the ink and make any adjustments necessary to get your desired result.

Q. Is it safe?
A. YES. All our machine parts are fully disposable, the ink is U.S. made mineral based, with no iron oxides or metals in the colors. We take all precautions, like doing your eyeliner with your eyes closed the whole time, while you are looking in the opposite direction.

Q. Can I wear makeup?
A.. Makeup carries a lot of bacteria, so we recommend that you do not wear makeup during the 5 following days after your procedure. Not only can it cause an infection, but it can get in with your permanent makeup and erase it in spots, or cause it to dry out and peel off. Remember, you will have features( eg. brows, eyeliner, lips) that you did not have before, you will find that you will not need most of the makeup you used to wear. 5 days of no conventional makeup is worth the years of enjoyment you will get from your new permanent makeup:)